#Ferguson – when assholes collide

Well, I have been trying to lay low on this thing for a while, because I knew as soon as all of the breathless reports started about Michael Brown’s death, more facts – and let’s stress that, FACTS – would come to light that would blow the immediate narrative right out of the water. The initial collision between alleged lawbreaker and law enforcer is of little consequence to me, because criminals and cops collide daily. It is the inevitable aftermath caused by cultural sicknesses that are now embedded in several groups of assholes that I want to discuss.

First group of assholes: the media

For the love of all that’s holy, the US media is full of brainwashed cultural-marxist, limp-wristed, sissy men and their “you-go-girl,” change-the-world sisters. They lack ability to think critically and they frame every issue within the bucket of rotting tripe the pampered communists in their J-schools filled their spongy young minds with.

Their complete inability to just report the goddamned facts in ANY story without interjecting some marxist agenda is a key factor for there being more blood in the streets than need be. Rumor, innuendo, and just flat-out bullshit ruled the initial days after Michael Brown was shot. Every loud-mouthed race-baiter from across the land was dragged onto every news station to run his suckhole about a situation in which he had ZERO facts, but decided to crank up the animosity for the doe-eyed, guilt-filled, leftist lady announcers and their beta male orbiters. The bullshit continues unabated today, and will continue tomorrow, and the next day and the next. If this thing goes nuclear, I will not cry for journalists when the mobs they incited burn news offices to the ground and drag reporters naked through the streets before they string them up on lampposts.

Next group of assholes: Officer Safety and his merry band of stormtroopers

Like I said earlier, the initial collision between what appears to be the criminal and the cop is not what I am going to discuss here, BECAUSE ALL OF THE FACTS ARE NOT IN. However, with the news of the initial autopsy and the cop’s orbital skull fracture, all does not seem to be as the media is portraying it. In any case, let’s talk about MRAPs, carbines, body armor, and jocked-up dudes “operating” within these United States.

Before I go any further, let me state this. I am 100% behind the SWAT/SRT missions of hostage rescue, active shooter eradication, and apprehension of a violent felon. A violent felon is not a guy that writes “fuck the government” on his Facebook page, no matter what Tumblr social justice warriors, Eric Holder, and the staff at CNN say. He’s the guy that beats the daylights out of his woman and threatens to “kill anyone that tries to stop me” after pulling out his Romanian AK and smoking the last of his meth. Preservation of life is the metric for the use of these teams.


In the photo above, I see one LE guy with a pepper ball gun, another guy with a baton, and it looks like the rest have locked and loaded M4s pointed directly at Mr. Citizen. These guys look a lot more like a bunched up rifle squad on hadji patrol in a third world country than peace officers sent to restore order. If someone threw a firecracker behind this squad, would Mr. Citizen have been aired out? The escalation of force policy seems to be up at 11. Maybe swap out the carbines for some bean-bag shotguns, plastic shields, and more pepper ball guns with one dude in the middle with the M4 in case things get hairy? Once you point a loaded carbine at someone’s chest, what’s next? If the concept of the Strategic Corporal was huge factor in our fights in Iraq and Afghanistan, what do you think SWAT guys ventilating protestors are going to do in this situation?

Furthermore, arresting and tear-gassing journalists is China-level shit. I don’t trust journalists, but their activities are protected and sworn peace officers are sworn to protect said activities. The bully-boy show needs to stop.

As far as all the gear and equipment, I really don’t care. I don’t. I have a lot of that shit in a locker at home myself. My view is if the police can have it, I should have it. Anything that I am restricted from owning, so should be the police. So let’s abolish the NFA, get those SBRs, cans, Lahtis, Solothurns, and other goodies out there to the rest of us freedom-loving patriots, and get back to letting freedom ring as the Founding Fathers designed it.

But I digress.

The reality is, there are a lot of dangerous, psycho shitheads in this country, and you need to be able to fight them when they go feral. To that end, what I object to about the Militarization of Law Enforcement®, is the MINDSET that has taken hold with the proliferation of SWAT/SRT and the use of military tactics on civilians by their public servants. The over-reliance of cool-guy gear and assault team tactics as a substitute for good policing and intel gathering is wrong. The video below captures EVERYTHING that I find detestable about the overuse of SWAT/SRT.

That right there is how you teach a young girl how to hate the police for her entire life. You might call it “Creating Guerrillas 101.”

It’s raids like these, and raids over raw milk, poker games, guitar wood, and quite frankly, search warrants, that I find objectionable. The idea that we need to bring maximum violence to every situation in the name of “Officer Safety” is paradoxical and stupid. We are a country with 80 million gun owners, and we have enough stupid laws and regulations on the books that any of us could be committing three felonies a day without knowing it. You go for a 100% compliance regime and kick in someone’s door at 3am for watering his lawn on the wrong day, someone is going to get shot, either unlucky homeowner or jocked-up SWAT guy. Rousting people out of bed and running and gunning through their homes while they are groggy and trying to figure out what the hell is happening is a recipe for disaster. It must stop.

Couple this with the “everyone is a terrorist” mindset that the feds, with help from the loons at the Southern Poverty Law Center and their fellow travelers, are drilling into their people as well as any state and local units they train, and you have heavily armed dudes thinking the citizens of the US are as bad as al Qaeda because they don’t drink the big government Kool-Aid. You have goobers like Sheriff Joey Terrell, the man who’s goon squad flashbanged an infant, justifying his incompetence and brutality by categorizing a meth dealer as a terrorist, so that justifies blowing a hole in an infant’s chest. That’s just plain sick.

Until the shield of sovereign immunity can be altered so idiots like Sheriff Terrell and his knuckle-dragging minions pay PERSONALLY for their transgressions instead of offloading the liability on the very taxpayers they victimize, this foolishness will continue.

Law enforcement needs a course correction in these United States. Leave the MRAP behind, get out of the cars, walk the streets, and talk to the people you serve.

Next group of assholes: ghetto black Americans, their enablers, and non-blacks who act like ghetto black Americans

Sorry ghetto black Americans and your enablers, but you are all full of shit. When seven black Americans are killed and another 29 black Americans are wounded in one weekend in Chicago, where the hell are you? WHERE ARE YOU? Nowhere. What about similar body counts in a weekend in LA? NYC? DC? Baltimore? Atlanta? New Orleans?

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Why?

Because the people stacking black bodies in the morgue like cordwood are as black as the victims, and when you acknowledge it, you must look inward in order to change it.

What George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson buy people is the ability to deflect any blame for ghetto black American deaths on other ghetto black Americans and feed the very false narrative that whites are hunting blacks ad infinitum. It allows people to avoid asking the tough questions about a ghetto black American culture that is anti-education, anti-intellectual, violent, overwhelmed with bastardy, self-loathing, and suicidal. I have seen this culture with my own eyes in many ways. The saddest, to me, was watching one of my classmates in elementary school who was in the gifted program and got As on everything she did get hounded by other blacks mercilessly for “acting white.” By junior high school she was worn down and began to fail. I don’t believe she ever finished high school. I never understood that. And I never will.

David Carroll. It is…what it is.

Mr. David Carroll discusses how a black life only has value when it is taken by a white person or a white cop. He sums it up well.

If Michael Brown was a violent asshole that was stupid enough to try to attack a cop after stealing from a store, admit it and drive on. There are better black men out there who are worth fighting for than some career felon-to-be. The world is full of white, yellow, brown, and red violent assholes that aren’t worth fly shit on a dog turd. If one of them gets taken out of the gene pool by their own violent actions against others, you don’t see the country marching to support them, but instead celebrating one less dangerous shithead walking the streets. The narrative of “my little baby didn’t do nothin'” is sadly comical as more and more dribbles out about these violent young men. The effect is cynicism and skepticism when any other young black needs people to believe his story if something has gone wrong for him. Stop living in denial. The rest of the world sees right through the BS.


Celebrating looters and rioters who take their anger out on sneaker stores, liquor stores, rim stores, and various and sundry businesses that had nothing to do with the death of a young, ghetto black American feeds every stereotype about ghetto black American culture on a parabolic scale. While the media may lionize this conduct, the rest of the country looks on it with scorn. It sucks for the protestors that are doing civil disobedience right.

To the whack-jobs out there scolding the violent for not rioting and looting in white neighborhoods: Are you psychotic? What on earth do people think is going to happen if that starts? Is that what people want? Seriously? As my black brothers and sisters say on The Twitter, “SMH.”

The racial grievance industry has done an outstanding job of convincing blacks that they are incapable of succeeding in this country for every reason under the sun. Jesse ‘n’ Al ‘n’ Friends need an uneducated, beat-down, angry, weaponized underclass in order to keep the money flowing into their pockets and to threaten guilt-ridden, white leftists with the kind of violence seen in the looting and rioting in Ferguson. There are also gobs of black politicians at the state and local levels, and bureaucrats in the federal Leviathan that benefit from the same structure, and they will do everything to stay on that gravy train. The LAST THING ON EARTH the racial grievance industry wants is an educated – and I mean EDUCATED, not INDOCTRINATED – upwardly mobile, self-sufficient, and prosperous black middle class. If and when it arises, it will tear these leeches from its body and throw them into the fire for eternity.

Remember – one black American dies at the hand of a white American, Jesse ‘n’ Al ‘n’ Friends are everywhere, all the time. Seven black Americans die at the hands of black Americans. Crickets. They do not care.

Next group of assholes: Big government progressives from all spectra

Ferguson is a town where 50 years of the welfare state and 50 years of the warfare state have come to clash. It is the legacies of Johnson’s War on Poverty and Nixon’s War on Drugs mixing into a toxic brew of hopelessness, dysfunction, and oppression. Their tragedy is magnified by the recalcitrance of the central planners in the imperial capital of DC to cop to the fact that by all metrics, these “Wars on” have failed on every level except to grow the size and power of the central state over the lives of the citizenry.

The central planners have destroyed the black family through welfare programs. The central planners have made startup/small business entrepreneurship nearly impossible through oppressive regulation and taxation. The central planners have created a black market in drugs, failing to learn the lessons of Prohibition in the 1920s, that destabilizes governments and societies by enriching criminals and poisoning the citizenry. The central planners have armed state and local police to the teeth with military hardware and a martial mindset that views the people they serve as an enemy force, to combat the black market in drugs they were critical in creating.

The Hegelian dialectic remedy for Ferguson is already in play, with the murderous, corrupt Eric Holder and his army of commissars crawling all over to cement the federal chokehold on every aspect of life in that city.

There will be oversight committees full of the kleptocrat black politicians and their racial grievance industry partners, a punching bag or two from the current local government, and maybe, just maybe an actual citizen or two, who all report in to marxist-revolutionary commissars from Eric Holder’s Department of Justice. It will meet, fight, accomplish nothing, but will require more federal money.

There will be more taxpayer money to fund “programs” for the youth. The amount of money will be large, and it will be skimmed down to nothing by the kleptocrats and their jock-hangers before it reaches the Midnight Basketball program that is supposed to save the next Michael Brown. The success metrics for these programs will not be on kids who graduated school, stayed out of the legal system, and started businesses, but on money spent, guaranteeing their continued growth and the enrichment of the kleptocrats.

The police will become ineffective because they all see what is happening to Darren Wilson and will not want to take the risk to stop crime. There will be a hue and cry for more black officers, and when there is a dearth of them that can meet the requirements, the standards will be lowered, and they will be corrupted by the kleptocracy.

There will be “enterprise zones” funded by taxpayers that create new strip malls and apartments that barely any business will dare to move into because of the history of riots and looting. They will fall into disrepair and ultimately fail.

The federal government will continue to encourage and reward bastardy, continuing its annihilation of the black family.

The War on Drugs will continue unabated, ensuring that the lucrative black market will lure in the young black males to earn a living. They will continue to kill each other over turf. They will continue to commit crimes. They will be caught up into the legal system and be eaten alive.


Progressivism is the imposition of a prison on a country, managed by tyrants and kelptocrats from the panopticon in DC. It’s time for a breakout.

Let’s break out

These recommendations will be panned because they all require an educated citizenry that takes responsibility for its own governance while protecting individual rights and enforcing individual responsibility. I don’t care.

Apparently only 12% of voters turned out in the last municipal election in Ferguson. If the race was close, that means that 6% +1 voter determined the outcome of the city’s government. If there ever was an illustration of how apathy kills, this is it.

The federal elections are completely corrupted and serve only to legitimize the illegitimacy of what has metastasized in DC. Local elections, on the other hand, are the place where voters still matter, for if no other reason, you can walk to the mayor’s or the alderman’s houses, knock on their doors, and say “hello” with a fire in your eye and gritted teeth as you let them know your thoughts on the current school bond measure while you open carry your 1911a1.

Chew on these recommendations:

Fall out of love with “there outta be a law.” Peace officers…er…law enforcement officers have to enforce hundreds of thousands of idiotic laws. It’s time to unwind the great state of malum prohibitum laws and regulations and focus on malum in se activities. Violence and/or fraud initiated by one party to deprive another party of life, liberty, or property is just about all you need. Every seatbelt law, recycling regulation, and every law that has the genesis of an emotional parent saying “I just want to make sure this never happens to another parent again,” is an invitation to The Man into your life, where lots of other things can go wrong. If we make everything illegal through regulation and legislation, then you are going to need a gargantuan, intrusive police power to enforce all of it. It’s up to all of us Joe and Jane Citizens to unwind it.

Drop the marxist indoctrination and teach real skills. Actual civics on representative republics. Lots of math. Basic bookkeeping and economics. Real grammar and communication skills. Stop shitting on the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and show the kids how the defense of their individual rights and the individual rights of others are the keys to their prosperity. Equip these kids with the knowledge to know when their local and federal governments are enslaving them so they can throw off the yokes and be free. I know, it will never happen in government schools, but you at least have to try.

End the War on Drugs. Prohibition failed in the 1920s. So has this. Legalize the poison, tax it, and spend the money on rehab. Enough of this. Malum in se > malum prohibitum.

Prohibit SWAT/SRT from being used on any administrative law issue, regulatory issue, or search warrant. Preservation of life should be the decision point for deployment of these teams in ending a hostage rescue, stopping a spree shooter, or apprehending a verified violent felon. Narrow the mission and keep it narrow.

Repeal every asset seizure and forfeiture law on the books that takes property from anyone BEFORE he is convicted in a court of law of a crime. These are blatant violations of the Fifth Amendment and have no place in a free society.

End the 1033 program in its current form and have local initiatives to approve of the equipment purchases from DOD by popular vote. Local peace officers need to answer to the people they serve. The way the 1033 program currently works undermines the principles of local governance. These purchases should be done transparently with the full consent of the governed. If the locality can’t afford the toy without financial assistance from the feds, then it should be rejected. Local governance trumps federal intrusion. If the locality wants it bad enough, its called a bond issue.

Get Ferguson to vote in its local elections and stop focusing only on the “American Idolatry” Presidential elections. Get the participation rate in the 80% range so the people in Ferguson own their government. If the place thrives, great. If it flushes itself down the sewer, too bad. Either way, the citizens will be responsible for it. They’ll own the mayor, the council, the police chief, and everyone else.

The constabulary should reflect the population. This is a follow on to the above. As much as I hate Eric “Whitewasher of Waco” Holder, he is correct about this. If 70% of the population is black and 5% of the police force is black, you are going to have a problem. I am not advocating quotas. I posit a police force will be viewed less as an occupying army if the people it serves see themselves in it. Keeping the peace needs to be the focus.

Abolish the federal tax code and the IRS. You want economic prosperity? Let the people of Ferguson start their own businesses, set the wages for their employees, and sell what there’s a market for without gobs of regulatory overhead and compliance costs. Free people don’t ask the governments for permission to make a living. Pursuit of happiness and all that.

Stop the bastardy and build families. Strong men are not raised in women-only households. This has to come from black America to black America. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Learn to defend the individual rights of people you hate. Paradoxical, no? This my friends, is the crux of freedom. I’ll be honest. In my head I’ve choked out 40% of my fellow Americans because I think they are vapid, brain-dead, collectivist tools that have squandered their freedom for the illusion of security by centralized government. From reading the media they put out, they’ve already got me lined up for a bullet in the back of the head NKVD-style because I love my freedom, guns, and whiskey, and find illegitimate any vote to strip me of any of those or related things, no matter how “democratic” the process was.

We don’t have to like each other, but we have to tolerate each other. Don’t confuse toleration with loving, liking, or acceptance. I think marxists are stupid and evil, Hollywood generally makes shit, leftist propaganda, Islam is a psycho religion, most religion is crap, transexuals are mentally ill, blatant public displays of male homosexuality are gross, 9mm = 45ACP as it all depends on the skill of the user, Carolina BBQ is best, the NFL sucks, butter is good for you, and taxation is theft.

Behold. The face of tolerance.

Hate me. Hate all you want for these, but do not try to outlaw me for not thinking like you do. I will do the same for you. For those who conspire to strip from each other life, liberty, and property, then it’s game on. Voting for politicians to do the stripping for you is the same as doing it yourself, and you can never, ever wash that stain off.

Strip away the propaganda from everywhere and ask yourself if the focus of that vitriol is getting his life, liberty, or property taken away. If so, wrap your head around helping him instead of joining in. Because the next guy in the barrel could be you.


193 thoughts on “#Ferguson – when assholes collide

    • Excellent synopsis ! You covered all the bases and then some that most are afraid to venture into ? You remind me of me !

      Wouldn’t it be great if common sense and decency could prevail, instead of the matrix we exist in and the massive illusions created by PRAVDA/MSM within that matrix ?

      All to control you and me and your tax dollars to be used against you everyday for the whacked agendas of psychopaths and sociopaths that we call government !

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  2. I searched the database, and it turns out that some agency in my county took 17 bayonets on the 1033 program.

    A police force. With bayonets.

    Isn’t there someone sane who could have looked at that request and said, “you know what, we’ll pass on the bayonets?”

      • There are mounts for bayonet lugs for the Remington 870 shotgun which has been in police armories for decades.

        A bayonet on a shotgun during riot control is fuckin’ supernatural in its ability to calm people down and get them moving in the direction you want.

        • Marshal Suvorov would agree on the bayonet: “The musket is a bitch but the bayonet is a friend.” He was talking to soldiers, not cops.

          However, if I’m going to quote Napoleonic soldiers, how about Napoleon’s order to Murat (on how to deal with rioters), “Give them a whiff of grapeshot!”

          I’m for that but the cops got hard with the peaceful demonstrators; anybody could do that. But where were those ‘heroes’ when the actual rioters were tearing up people’s property?

          A big fat fail for the police. They don’t need bayonets. They need common sense and guts.


          • The first hint that the police were changing was for me at Columbine.
            Amassing a huge police presence OUTSIDE the school. Preventing anyone from going in to help the students and doing nothing until the teen killers committed suicide. Leaving all those dead children.

            So, yes, Guts and Common Sense. Plus, more professionalism and less politics and unionism.

    • Bayonets have some utility in a riot control situation. If things get really hairy, “Fix Bayonets” gives you one last option before volley firing into the mob. That’s really a job for the National Guard, though.

      • As I said, is that something the police should be contemplating? Should the rifles and shotguns issued to the police have bayonet lugs, do they now have bayonet lugs?
        With the police the step before deadly force is either nightsticks, tazers or beanbags. Soldiers, National Guard or Army have bayonets and calling either into the field is rightly a decision for the Governor or the President.

  3. Hate to tell you Mike, but black police officers don’t want ghetto duty either.
    They would rather patrol a nice, white, liberal suburb. And one thing I’ve learned from living in south Florida is that Carribean blacks, who are mostly well educated, despise American blacks.

  4. good one, Ivy Mike. Who’s that Red Princess smirking at us in upper right of the 4X? Ah, yes…I remember now. Katerina “van dan Heuval”, editor of a Red rag called “the Nation”. Real name is Katerina Stein, granddaughter of Hollywood MCA mogul Jules Stein; whilst peddling her soak-the-rich Marxist BS, Ms. Stein lives on the skimmings from a $100 million Wall St. trust fund. As for “voting”, locally or otherwise, forget it. Almost all elections are now decided by debt-financed hand-outs, fake .gov. jobs, .gov pensions, and contracts. Next time I vote, it’ll be with a lead ballot. Civil War is inevitable, and it will be largely a race war, with some ideological and geographic cross-cuts. No worries. These things have to happen from time to time.

  5. Absolutely superb! You have neatly encapsulated all of my thoughts on Ferguson et.al., in brilliantly concise analysis.

    While I have a doctorate in communications, you have easily surpassed my highest aspirations for writing, and that’s no joke.

    Prediction: NONE of your recommendations will actually come to fruition without massive bloodshed first. While all of them are precisely correct, the sense of entitlement by the FSA, media and “progressives” is too ingrained; they will not give up their entitlements easily. The militarized police will continue to increase their thuggish behavior until REAL resistance (by force of an armed populace) forces them to back down.


    • I agree with your statements 100%. However, Im quickly losing all hope of any real resistance by an armed populace. If the american people will stand by as role-crazy, sociopath cops injure babies with flashbangs, then what exactly is it gonna take. That swat team should be hunted down and dealt with by the people.

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  7. Hmmm, how do I express my disdain for an article that tries to equate the police with the savages rioting in Missouri. How much contempt do I have fior someone who would stoop to tell me that the violence that these thugs represent is only reinforced by the police if not magnified? Let us suppose the police weren’t there. I assume the author would have us believe small business owners would be cheering and the law abidding citizens lining the streets?

    I lump the author in with the media which tells me an unarmed teenager was shot, the race hustlers who tell me poverty and discrimination are to blame, our politicians who would prostitute their mothers to gain a vote, and most of al people beating the drums of a “militarized police.” Where are the snipers, the tank divisions the artillery. Perhaps the National Guard was somehow a better choice?

    Forgive for saying this but between the police and the savages, you have bet on the wrong side.

    • Perchance you didn’t read the whole piece? Nobody was spared, especially the media and the criminal element.

      However, your comment reminds me of a line from the movie, The Departed, where Frank Costello, played by Jack Nicholson asks:

      “Today, what I’m saying to you is this: when you’re facing a loaded gun, what’s the difference?”

      Stay safe.

    • The oddly named Veritas wrote: ” Where are the snipers, . . . ”

      Well I hate to disparage a noble craft by associating it with some Mayberry PD reject, but how about the idiot proned out on top of the Bearcat, 30 yards from the crowd, aiming his .308 at the protesters? Like I say, I wouldn’t want to call him a sniper, but he’ll do for your question.

      The fact is you do not perform domestic crowd control with carbines. If you point your carbine at someone who has been ordered to disperse, and they don’t, well then what fuck is next? Not exactly online with the UOF protocols to pull the trigger for failing to disperse, is it?

      Local law enforcement booted the response to these events, and anyone who has been on the job for 10 minutes knows that. Just because you have a hammer (or shiny new toys courtesy of 1033), that doesn’t make everything a nail (or a fully dynamic entry). There is no doubt early police response to the unrest made it worse, and it took staties to cool down the boil.

      As for the shooting of Brown, I have no opinion — and neither should anyone else, given the dearth of facts. Again, anyone who has been on the job for half a shift can think of 10 scenarios that would have made for a good shoot, and 10 that would have made for a bad one. But just because we support a guy on the job, and hope it works out for him, that doesn’t mean we ought to stick our heads in sand and ignore obvious LEO mistakes and, I’ll say it, abuses of power. These guys took an oath — I took an oath — maybe you took an oath. It means something all the time, or it doesn’t mean anything.

  8. I’ve never heard of you or this blog before. But, you’ve won a fan today. Kudos to you, sir. Your honesty and clear thought is refreshing. Thank you.

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  11. Great post but it gets filed with the other 20,000 great posts describing the problem and providing sketchy, to say the least, solutions.

    Getting from your “recommendations” to having anything like them enacted is a chasm 100 miles wide-IOW, it ain’t gonna happen-we’re well past the tipping point.

    There’s a point where any further optimism is futile and we sailed past that quite a while ago-we have an entrenched federal government with over 100 years of time to spread it’s tentacles throughout our society. The NEA, IMO, the single biggest enemy to our Constitutional foundation, continues unabated with Common Core and almost a $100 BILLION yearly slush fund also known as the Dept/Education. It’s vital to REgressive power that millions of unthinking young adults are ejaculated into what’s left of our heritage & culture. Control the past and you control the future.

    Sadly, I’m of the belief that TSHTF is the only way-we need the huge die off that will occur when our civil society breaks down-people lament a lost generation, baby it’s lost generations and they aren’t ever going to get on board. If you’re not planning for a long stretch of lawlessness, you’re living in a fool’s paradise.

    Wha?? You think I’m too pessimistic? Really? We’re talking about a country that elected Valerie Jarrett TWICE with an opposition(?) party that continues to tell us nominees like Romney are the only way we’ll win while at the same time, said party openly attacks it’s Constitutional base.

    A government that ignores history and has run up debt of unbelievable and immoral proportions. Both parties that believe we need a virtually unlimited stream of 3rd world immigrants. Naive leaders that are calling our new vicious enemy in the ME, junior varsity, while at the same time our fecklessness is prompting our allies across the globe that nuking up is now their only real protection.

    Yeah, that sounds like a plan. Good luck nibbling around the edges.

    • I agree with your pessimism. It feels overwhelming, but we all need to understand that it starts with millions of acts of defiance, no matter how small. The bad people are stuck on centralization. It’s the decentralization of resistance that keeps them up at night. Stay in the fight.

      • Thanks for telling it like it is! I worked in a school district for
        14 years that was racially balanced, but it took three years of “life in the streets” accompanied by the soothing sounds of sirens and chopper rotors, plus some gut wrenching head to head discourse to finally bring some modicum of sanity. The worst offenders…white liberals. Incite the brothers to fight for their “rights” and then leave town.
        The picture you paint has overtones of Berlin in the 1920’s.
        God help us if the parallels materialize here. Great job!

    • It’s always amusing to me when people thing a mass die off / extended shtf / complete societal breakdown etc will lead to some sort of utopia of freedom. When society breaks down, and people are starving to death and dying from treatable disease and watching their family and friends get murdered and gang raped by marauding bands of looters; THEN they’ll have an epiphany about the value of personal autonomy and freedom! Lol. No. Then, they’ll gladly put their neck under the boot of whatever strongman can offer them food, medical care, and protection from brigands.

      SHTF is the best way to ensure a tyrannical, authoritarian .gov power structure.

      • That is why we are being pushed headlong into such a scenario. Why do you think they pound the dialectic on us so vehemently? They have polarized the nation so only a small spark will touch off a conflagration of apocalyptic proportions… A house divided against itself cannot stand!
        The only way the Republic can truly fall is from within, and our enemies know this and employ it against us in spades.

        • Then there’s this:

          “A Nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious, but it can not survive TREASON FROM WITHIN… An enemy at the gates is less formidable for he is known and he carries his banners openly, but the traitor moves among those within the gate freely. His sly whispers rustling thru all the galleries, heard in every hall of government itself. For the traitor appears, not as a traitor, he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims and he wears their face and their garments. He appeals to the BASENESS that lies in the heart of all men. He rots the soul of a Nation. He works secretly and unknown in the night, to undermine the pillars of the city. He INFECTS THE BODY POLITIC, so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. ”
          – Cicero 42 B.C.

      • Yaknow what I find amusing-head in the sand people like yourself.

        When you ignore Stein’s maxim, what can’t go on, won’t, you’re setting yourself up for a world of hurt. By the time you realize it, it’ll be way too late. So it’s probably best you just continue on in the mode you’re in-ignorance is bliss and all that.

        And how you make the leap from myself telling you I’m(ve) prepared for TSHTF to I’m going to get on my knees for some tin god is beyond me. In fact, you might call that “projection” that is attributing this personality defect that you have, onto others.

        • MMinCC: you have very poor reading comprehension, and are being defensive and pointlessly antagonistic. You are advocating for a collapse, not merely saying it will happen and we should be prepared for it. Ref this statement “Sadly, I’m of the belief that TSHTF is the only way-we need the huge die off that will occur when our civil society breaks down-”

          I’m just saying that in the event of a total societal breakdown, the population as a whole will gladly submit to authoritarian rule in order to restore order and services. That’s not a moral statement, just a fact of life that history demonstrates to us. And resistance to that rule cannot effectively down without a sympathetic population, which (as was my entire point) will not be there in a true societal breakdown.

          Your knee jerk ad hom attacks, silly name calling, and complete lack of comprehension as to what my actual point was do not speak well of you.

          • Methinks you protest too much pal-you got caught uttering BS to someone that’s heard it all before.

            Further your posting is riddled with grammatical errors, to the point I really don’t know what you’re trying to convey.

            Take a chill pill bub and maybe give it another shot

  12. Mr Ivy,while I read your article was amazed at the intelligence and thought that went into it,that said,I realized that you obviously have been picking my brain for material while I sleep.I would appreciate if you stop this creepy mental plagiarism or at least acknowledge my contribution,thank you.

  13. Excellent article. It is filled with simple (what was once) common sense and could easily be fleshed out further into a book. Over-regulation of the oil industry for the salvation of the planet and heavy taxation on gas raises the prices on everything from food, heating/ac, and transportation. It helps the poor stay poor. And on and on.

    Good work.

  14. This is a real good read. There was a time not to long ago <20 years when police departments didn't even have enough equipment for each officer and it had to be shared. And that equipment as barely serviceable. And this is my personal experience.

    So after the Bank of America shoot out in '97 and 9/11, police departments started gearing up and I'm thankful for it everyday. When the government starts handing out stuff you know what's going to happen.

    I understand the authors point of view about how this "militarized" equipment should be deployed and I get that. But how many people have died during the riots and other criminal conduct? None. Nobody. (The guy in St. Louis died by suicide by cop and I won't attribute his death directly to the actual on the ground riots in Ferguson).

    And just like the race baiters that find the occasional black killed by white cop story to troll, the author can find where SWAT teams have over killed situations and innocence have died. These story's infuriate me too.

    But it's all about the MINDSET of each group he called out in his article. If you believe law enforcement is out there to hurt and oppress the average citizen then we are done as a country.

    I want to do my job, do it we'll and to the best of my ability, then come home each night to kiss my children and go to bed with my wife. I don't go out to violate peoples constitutional rights, bully, torment, etc. I try to live by the golden rule. I also try to be an example for others to follow through my acts and deeds. I'm getting off topic.

    Peace through strength. I believe in it. It may look scary to some and sometimes it may be used inappropriately. But this is a learning curve for law enforcement. At the end of the night, we are like everyone else, we want to go home and be left alone to do what we want to do.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

      I was actually in North Hollywood two blocks away from the BofA when the shootout happened. A bunch of my coworkers were out on the balcony watching the event go down. I heard a blast of weapons fire and yelled at them all to hit the deck. It was surreal.

      Stay safe out there.

    • “Sorry about blowing a hole in your baby, ma’am, but we’re on a learning curve with these here grenades. I know his face is kind of, well, busted up, but I’m just doing my job, and just want to go home to kiss my wife and baby at the end of the day, and, well, my baby trumps your baby.

      Yes, I know, we got the wrong house. Tough shit for you, now STOP RESISTING STOP RESISTING STOP RESISTING or I’ll give the order to fix bayonets.

      — Officer David C Friendly, Police Undercover Team (Zeta)

      • “Officer Friendly” was murdered by a SWAT team during a no knock raid on his home at 0-dark-thirty. Unfortunately, they hit the wrong address, but despite killing Officer Friendly, his dog, and his wife, and burning the house down around them, the SWAT officers were found to have done no wrong and to have conducted themselves in accordance with department policies and guidelines on the use of force.

    • Dude ? go home ? YOU sound like an apologist for MRAPS and all the other shit they got on the 1033 program !. get out and do YOUR JOB of talking to people on your beat and get out of the friggin car and WALK…..? no ? can’t do that ?. There was time when my family and I respected the cops, not anymore,don’t get me wrong I no such thing as a parking ticket, the jack boots that cops wear these days as me thinking, you come knocking at 3 am on my door buddy and you will get a real shock. I protect my family.

  15. The problem with blogs is that no one checks for typos. At least major publications have proof readers. You have a great piece here but lost me on your first sentence.

    • Thank you! Just fixed it. I only read that sentence 300 times. Amazing what you don’t pick up reading your own work. Much appreciated.

      • Don’t feel bad, once upon a time a publisher got tried of getting complaints on the typos within the various books he had published. So he decided to publish one perfect book, entirely without errors. He had three teams of proofreaders check the book, and recheck, and check again. Each book as packed was examined for phsyical flaws. He shipped the book with confidence.

        The next week he received a call from a local bookseller. The title was misspelled.

  16. Wow. This is encyclopedic in scope and therefore brilliant in its (comparative-) brevity.

    As a couple of others have noted, “first time visitor” by way of battlefieldusa (which was via WRSA!) and looking forward to more of your thoughtful pieces in the future. (Shared on Twitter and linked earlier within an article’s comment section at avoiceformen.com)

  17. I agree with just about everything you’ve said above. I truly do. But…

    The piece is well-written, articulate and, unfortunately, easily dismissed as extremist ranting. For those of us that already understand the above, we say—nay, yell—BRAVO! WELL SAID!!

    For the uninitiated sheeples who still need to get a clue, however, it doesn’t really bring them aboard our truth train. Just saying.

    Why do I think this? Because the piece doesn’t have sufficient academic credibility to bring the left-wing proletarians into the discussion with solid points of debate. Yes, debate. There are always more than one way to perceive a situation, regardless of whether any of those perceptions are correct. What builds a coalition and a consensus is the editorialization of facts.

    Fact: 12% voter turn out at Ferguson’s last local election.
    Editorialization: Voters like what they have and see no reason to change it.

    Yes, it’s abhorrent to see that kind of voter turnout. It’s hard to have sympathy for a voting republic that doesn’t exercise its fundamental civil right to choose who governs them in a thoughtful, forthright and goal-focused manner. Abhorrent, but we need more information about the “why” of it, no?

    According to the talking heads, the election at the county level sports a voting republic that is 70% white. I have no idea if the race card plays a role in their voter turnout, but if that 12% who did show up were all black, that’d still be less than half of the black population. If there was a real, bona fide, race-based concern over who governs them, you’d expect to see a more balanced collection of races represented in the county’s public officials.

    Here’s a link to Ferguson’s City Council members. Notice anything they have in common?

    So, I agree with all that you’ve said and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, but something we have to strive for, in my opinion (and my opinion only matters to me, most likely), is to write these pieces with a larger smattering of facts and less inflammatory language. While entertaining to read, I don’t think it helps our cause as effectively as treating the topic with more of an academic, yet impassioned, tone.

    Best Regards,

  18. As you have so cogently pointed out, the “collective” has become a danger to us all and must be systematically disassembled and corrected for our posterity if we wish to continue as a nation…


  19. Check out the ethnic makeup of the St. Louis County’s police academy. My understanding is that latest class is all white except for on mixed race individual. It is hard to find good black cadets who have clean records in order to qualify for the school. In addition the “majority white” suburbs hire the quality black policemen for their own departments which are a safer place to work and generally pay better than the poorer or economically depressed sections of the county. It is probably that way in most parts of major suburbs. This is economics at work. Can you blame the black officers?

  20. Let me guess, former Marine. The “Strategic Corporal” gave it away. FANTASTIC POST. You educated me by your use of latin in American jurisprudence.

    And you did an excellent job naming all the ASSHOLES, and you did so by taking them to task in PhD fashion. If our colleges could produce this type of critical thinking, we’d make a comeback.

    • Thanks Gunny. I appreciate it.

      Not a Marine, just a low-life paramedic that reads a lot. Have a few USMC books on the shelf I have read over the years because you guys have an outstanding culture.

      I’d shine General Mattis’ shoes and be his Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You have to love a man that negotiates by saying, “I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.”

      Thanks for stopping by.

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  22. IvyMike

    Well written. Well stated. A few comments if I may.

    The thing that is driving me almost crazy about this Ferguson mess is the fact that the only cop who seems to have done the right thing was the fellow who wasted that thug. How in the hell did pointing military weapons at peaceful demonstrators help the situation?

    I’ve heard some commentators cry about how the cops needed that military gear to protect the business owners – whom they failed to protect! Guess it gets scary when the rioters show up. A double failure for the police in army drag.

    And yes, I am in contempt of the police, and yes, I’ve ducked my share of bullets. Ever since Columbine, where all those tarted up soldier wannabees stood around ‘minimizing police casualties’ I’ve realized it’s on us – not the cops. It probably should be that way since it certainly was for most of our history.

    Remember the sniper in the tower in Texas? Regular citizens with hunting rifles took care of that problem. The shootout in FL? Gun stores supplied the cops with what they needed.

    If we hadn’t dumbed down our population the answer to big law enforcement problems is brave citizens backing up the (few) local deputies.

    Is that still possible with open borders? Unlikely – but that is just what the ‘geniuses’ in the Media /DC / Academe swamp have wanted all along. They don’t like citizens having a say – they are so very much smarter than us. What they want is a peasantry and by golly they are getting it. But the proof of the puddin’ in the eatin’ and all we have now is a great big fiasco where once we had a pretty decent country.

    We have no say at all now – who of us wanted this country to become a shit heap? Who among us wanted to turn Negroes into these pathetic, violent, whiners? (blacks were poster children for family values when I was growing up) Who do you know who had a say in that decision? I didn’t. Vote? Please… for whom? Once again – it is on us. And frankly, we don’t seem to be up to the job.

    Good piece though – well done brother.


  23. I stopped reading when you talked about the orbital blowout fracture. Not only did you get the name wrong, you actually believed that outlandish sack of shit. It became apparent that you have done no research whatsoever.

    Also, as usual, your response to white people killing black people is “well, black people kill black people too!” A common deterrent. How does that change anything? How is the death somehow more justified?

    Reply whenever, I know FOX news is on.


  24. You had me until the “most religion is crap” line. The Founders would heartily disagree. The country was wired with Judeo-Christian values. The 10 Commandments are the basis for the bulk of our laws. In the Founders’ days, you could be fined $25 (equivalent to $2,000 today) for having an illiterate child, ’cause if you were illiterate, you couldn’t read the Bible, and if you didn’t read the Bible, what kind of citizen would you be?

    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams

      11 October, 1798
      I have received from Major-General Hull and Brigadier-General Walker your unanimous address from Lexington, animated with a martial spirit, and expressed with a military dignity becoming your character and the memorable plains on which it was adopted.
      While our country remains untainted with the principles and manners which are now producing desolation in so many parts of the world; while she continues sincere, and incapable of insidious and impious policy, we shall have the strongest reason to rejoice in the local destination assigned us by Providence. But should the people of America once become capable of that deep simulation towards one another, and towards foreign nations, which assumes the language of justice and moderation while it is practising iniquity and extravagance, and displays in the most captivating manner the charming pictures of candor, frankness, and sincerity, while it is rioting in rapine and insolence, this country will be the most miserable habitation in the world; because we have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.
      An address from the officers commanding two thousand eight hundred men, consisting of such substantial citizens as are able and willing at their own expense completely to arm and clothe themselves in handsome uniforms, does honor to that division of the militia which has done so much honor to its country.
      Oaths in this country are as yet universally considered as sacred obligations. That which you have taken and so solemnly repeated on that venerable spot, is an ample pledge of your sincerity and devotion to your country and its government.


      John Adams, Charles Francis Adams. The works of John Adams, second president of the United States: with a life of the author, notes and illustrations, Volume 9. Little, Brown and Company. 1854.

  25. @anthony I sympathize. We do not know all the facts. If you read this site and others that sympathize with the crazy liberty crowd (myself included) you will find there is little sympathy for the gunned up swatification of police in general.

    Can you articulate counterppints to the rest of the article in substance? BTW nobody on faux news is going to make the points raised in OP’s post generally speaking.

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  27. Brilliant. Thank you for criticizing all of the actors in this play. Anyone can criticize, and yet few critics can offer logical solutions, logical solutions which you offer at the end of your post.

    OT,in your opinion, what role will the aging demographic play in this giant paella we call the US? A sizeable amount of Americans will be over 60 by 2030.

    • As I see it, we’re the people that had the last taste of freedom, and we need to share what that was like with younger people. We need to deprogram their minds from the indoctrination that have received through the “education” system. We need to be the core of an intellectual resistance to the collectivists. Just as they did the Gramscian “Long March Through the Institutions,” we need to do the same. We also need to understand that the young will do individual freedom and rights a little differently than us. Get comfortable with that. If they can collapse collectivism from the inside, that will be a beautiful thing.

    • And a lot of us were over 60 by 2010. That means I remember the 50’s. In the fifties the cops in my town were (as I’ve been told) WWII vets and those men had nothing to prove and no need for massive firepower. Of course in those days Civilization reigned.
      My father, a merchant sailor, walked home through the Boston neighborhoods of Dorchester and Roxbury (after midnight) with 3 months pay in his pocket and thought nothing of it. Anyone familiar with Boston neighborhoods today (ANY neighborhood) might raise an eyebrow.
      My fear is that I might be to old to muster when the drummer beats his drum on the green.

  28. “Leave the MRAP behind, get out of the cars, walk the streets, and talk to the people you serve.”

    some years ago at the black MTV awards a fight broke out and someone was shot to death. everyone there refused to tell the police who the shooter was. the main award winner said, “this is just something that happens when folks get together.” that OJ slashed his ex to death, blacks don’t see anything wrong with that. that trayvon was a burglar and was smashing zimmerman’s head on the concrete, blacks don’t see anything wrong with that. that brown stole something and broke a policeman’s eye socket, blacks don’t see anything wrong with that. but they see the charges against OJ as a crime. they see zimmerman shooting trayvon as a crime. they see the officer shooting brown as a crime.

    the blacks don’t want to hear from officer friendly. they want officer friendly gone, so they can loot and rob and shoot each other – and anyone else that crosses their line of sight – in peace.

    somewhere there is a black comedian married to a white woman. he tells a joke – “if the revolution ever comes, I’m gonna kill that bitch first just to show I mean business.”

    I say, bring on militarization.

    in the news today, the officer who was attacked and maimed by brown has collected over $250,000 in donations for his injuries and legal defense. best news I’ve heard all year.

  29. A word about MINDSET —

    If I buy you a brand new M4gery, with a Trijicon ACOG, rails, lasers, and a beanbag mortar hung off the barrel (on that ridiculous ‘notch’ in the barrel of civilian weapons), and then tell you to just leave it in the box and admire it from afar, how long will you actually do that? If it was me, about as long as I can see your car’s tail lights. The MRAPs, the Bearcats, the APCs with the 360-degree turrets perpetuate the USAGE of that materiel. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY is going to take receipt of an MRAP and then park it on the front lawn and paint flowers on it. You would fill it with diesel, fire it up and drive through downtown like you’re swinging 15 inches between your legs. After awhile, just driving around isn’t going to cut it. Now you need to run something over, or intimidate that idiot in the old k-car that dates your daughter, or even drag race the Brink’s Armored Car that stops at your bank everyday.

    My point is this — if you outfit Law Enforcement like the military, you are breeding that same militaristic mentality into Law Enforcement! When I was on tour, we shot the bad guys. We didn’t arrest them, we didn’t negotiate with them, we killed them as fast as we could. And it never occurred to us that we should do anything different. Offshore, the bad guys don’t have CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. Onshore, you better believe they do! You can only sweep it under the rug so long before you have a lump that people will notice and trip over. I’m a fan of Law Enforcement, until they aren’t enforcing the Law. Then, they become bad guys. And I told you what we did to bad guys.

    • To touch on your post, I agree That M4 sitting in the box that I pull out after i see your tail lights WILL be pulled out of the box, and shot BUT ( according to the gun laws of my particular State ) HOWEVER, Law enforcement is not subject to such restraints, ..So that MRAP, the Bearcats and APC’s are used arbitrarily.. I agree with IM that we have way too many laws, most aimed at the public, in an effort to command and control… but I feel we need laws aimed at LE.. Not just rules or ” policy”.. but laws, with consequences, and personal liability built in, aimed at law enforcement personal, preventing them from abusing and arbitrarily deploying federal hardware against the public.

      In my community, Population 60k, it’s not uncommon for the regional SWAT team to deploy their bearcat in situations.. you can see their lack of training, milling around, adjusting their Tacti-cool goodies, then all stacked up behind the BC thats pulled up on the front lawn and ready to breach in lockstep.. it’s like watching B rated ballet.. exiting the house with some guy in his flannels,who didnt pay his child support.

    • I concur. Not sure what the best remedy is because I know that a good portion of the gear is just a natural progression of technology. In years prior, it was not uncommon to see M8 Greyhounds, surplus M1 carbines, and M1s in the hands of LE when things got chippy. The new wrinkle is the constant drumming coming from the feds and the media that “America is a battlefield.” It is accompanied with the Hegelian dialectic that security only comes from jettisoning the Constitution. That is a false choice that we need to challenge everywhere.

  30. Excellent written analysis. I agree with your posting, including recommendations. However also agree that the solutions are idealistic, and will not come about until the generation passes away. However the leviathan of state-ism that will replace it only looks worse. So SHTF seems like a real possibility. But I too would lament the follow on result, both at the human level and at the .gov level.
    Dark days are ahead.

    However my real reason for writing is to encourage you to make a similar effort to learn about the literal historical figure of Jesus Christ with the same level of intellectual thought, challenge, and idealism as you prepared this article. (since you were dismissive of “most religions”- I must give you credit for honesty and assume you put thought into this as well)
    I would also agree than many religions are crappy from various reasons, based on man’s basic sin nature to mess things up.
    But apart from this there is a historical figure, Jesus, who does not go away. His life, words combined with action, does not allow a patronizing response “He was a good moral teacher” There is something more to investigate.
    I challenge you to take up this mystery and see if there is truth to it.
    Some recommended reading would be :
    1. The Gospel of John
    2. More than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell (high school level)
    3. Evidence that Demands a Verdict – Also by J. McDowell, -(college level reading.)
    4. the Book of Acts
    McDowell was highly antagonistic toward Christians as well in his college years, literally expressing “half were out of there minds and the other half out looking for them”.
    When he took up a challenge to approach the topic of a literal historical Jesus from a logic and reasoning viewpoint he was amazed at what he found.
    Learn about who the actual person of Jesus was and is by reading the easiest Gospel to digest. Then see what learned men who applied logic and reasoning, and rules for admission of evidence into a court of law, applied to the case of Jesus came to as a conclusion.
    Read what occurred with his immediate followers immediately after his crucifixion.
    Its an easy read, and you’re a smart guy.
    Then fully armed with facts, make your own summary.
    With this intell you’ll be able to make an educated reply to this who quote John Adams, and not have to just say “It’s all Good” ….because as we see in Ferguson, its not all good, there is a huge moral fabric dilemma.- Your exact point about many “a@$holes.
    This problem is Not solved by logic alone.
    I hope the very best for you.

  31. You know, this is my first trip to your site and was really enjoying your piece until I hit your first brain-down expletive. Sorry, I stopped reading. ..my loss I’m sure. However, my spirit can’t take the perfunctory using of our Lord’s name in vain to impress an audience. The only thing that is worse than ignorance, in my mind, is arrogance. Can you write on higher ground? I would love to hear what you have to say. Liberals sail in these latitudes with impunity…but we know where they are heading….

  32. Your article has to many truths presented in such a logical manner that I can dispute almost any of it. Nor would I, as I’m in agreement with almost all of it. I white, and the part that specifically appealed to me was the government interference in my daily life. As a small business owner in succumbed to some of the pit falls the irs presents. Regardless there was a time when the country was run as you see it. But men, like yourself, who were smarter or could speak more eloquently took a hold of power. And that became the norm. Those who have access to more money and schooling always have access to the seats of power. But letting a country govern itself isn’t always the best policy. In fact it almost never is. Point and case, all of Africa. With little to no ecostructure and a government who’s officials have all fled there is little that any, even the educated, can do to alleviate the situation. But I am inclined to agree, an educated country, or a country where education and protection of civil rights is considered paramount must always succeed. I like to think a group of thinking men and women could devise a solution to this problem but with so many safeguards implemented to keep the power hungry in power I can only help but feel frustrated. Learn their system and beat them at it, or riot I the streets at the injustice. I hope to read more from you.

  33. pigs is as pigs do…………………never saw a warrant…………….’ course i’ve been allowed to see one whenever i was under the gun………….i was told that even though it was my right, that it was NONE of my business……………these same pigs would fire back if some other group of anal sphincter valves ever tried that in their homes………there’s and old sayin’ …….from rome…”who will guard the guards”?
    big brothers pigs……………………1984 was thirty years, and right there much longer than that, mis amigos…………………………………..

  34. On MSNBC’s Coverage of the Missouri Shooting – Not conclusion-jumping, racially divisive, anti-cop, sensationalized, making Sean Hannity look half-way fair-minded by comparison enough.

  35. I would love to post this superb entire article at my website, electricalspirituality.com, and of course, identify you as the author and direct people to your website. (If that’s not okay, I’ll just post the link to the article.) By the way, your article would be the first not written by me posted at my website.

  36. I can agree with or at least understand your views on everything but Carolina bbq. For that differing opinion, I damn you straight to make-believe-bad-place.

  37. This post was an awesome start, but we have to dig deeper than this. The reality is the United States of America is a foreign owned corporation. You need to understand that was done in 1871 just type into any search engine once the “Congressional Act of 1871.” Technically this corporation sold everyone out a long ass time ago. Before many of us were even born. This isn’t a race thing, this is fact. We now only have relative rights and not unalienable rights in their courts. We are presumed to know the laws, but the reality is were any of us born with a fucking doctorate degree in Law? The sooner folks can tear their asses away from Family Guy, or the Hoarders to learn the true history and not this freaking watered down version that is pumped out in the broken public school indoctrination centers. The better off you will be. I am almost willing to bet that this generation of children in schools weren’t even as much as taught that this is a Republic and the power that the government was derived by our consent. However, you now hear these politicians, media, and so on call our country a Democracy! Hello, but if that were the case how come the first colonists bail out on their mother land or home land? The simple answer is because it was a broken and corrupt system that did not give equal rights, they would tax the holy fuck out of their inhabitants (only the rich would prevail in their courts) and the poor would get screwed over under this socialist injustice. The first colonists actually were self- governed, and they chose a common law that made god the supreme being, and made pretty much the Ten Commandments the basic laws of the land. What I would like to know is how in the hell can George Washington be even as much as considered a founding father when he was actually first born and raised in America? Why do you think now every time just about when you hear a Sovereign person stand up in court, the judge gets defensive, and tries to sic the bailiff on him, or he adjourns to recess to run outta the room? It’s because the United States of America is operating like an illegal religion, and they know this, but they do not want you to know this. Because, in your day of recognition you can justifiably have the judge arrested. You already possess the power of government within your own body, but sadly all it took was a few generations of people dying off for this power to be forgotten, and a diabolical evil imperfect human government that believes that they are god over you, and me! Please don’t argue this until you’ve invested better than 17 years of your life like I have researching this.

  38. I have been alive for well over half a century now. In this time, I’ve sadly witnessed the steadily accelerating decline of a truly great country. Can you imagine the horror our founding fathers would experience if they could see what has become of their Grand Experiment?

    Thank you for your powerful, well expressed thoughts on the condition of our country. Spread the word and let’s pray it’s not too late.

  39. The writer of this post talks about “FACTS”, yet he has no seen the Police Officer with his alleged broken or fractured orbital eye socket. In fact, NO ONE HAS! HOWEVER, here’s a theory for you…maybe the police officer and his little band of bullies got together and conspired to damage his own eye socket just so that they could blame it on Mike Brown. Hmm, sounds very plausible to me, especially for a man who might be facing jail time for MURDER!

  40. The writer of this post talks about “FACTS”, yet he has no seen the Police Officer with his alleged broken or fractured orbital eye socket. In fact, NO ONE HAS! HOWEVER, here’s a theory for you…maybe the police officer and his little band of bullies got together and conspired to damage his own eye socket just so that they could blame it on Mike Brown. Hmm, sounds very plausible to me, especially for a man who might be facing jail time for MURDER! .

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  42. What’s worse when “Ads holes Collide” is when a Jackass and his band of followers publicly demonstrates their ignorance.

    For example, “Ivy Mike” wrote, “When seven black Americans are killed and another 29 black Americans are wounded in one weekend in Chicago, where the hell are you? WHERE ARE YOU? Nowhere. What about similar body counts in a weekend in LA? NYC? DC? Baltimore? Atlanta? New Orleans Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.”

    DUDE, your a blogger for goodness sake, so I just ASSUME that you know how to use the Internet. Ever hear of Google? Great! I’ll save you to search, just go ahead and copy and paste the following link in your browser there buddy! http://www.catholicnewworld.com/cnwonline/2013/0804/6.aspx

    Well what do ya know?! There actually ARE African Americans who care enough about the gun violence taking place in Chicago to protest and march! Maybe the reason why you haven’t heard anything about this is because you believe everything the media says! Turn off Fox News and do some research of your own!

    • Thanks for the link. Glad to see those people out there. I wish them nothing but good will and success in their endeavors to keep young people from killing and maiming each other.

      FWIW, not a Fox News watcher or fan.

      Take care.

      • Mike,

        Liberals think anyone who disagrees with them watches Fox. They are brainwashed to say these things. Not really sure why this is but have been accused of it many times…


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  44. Wow, spot on. New reader here. Never heard of you before, but shared your post and have to say – well written and well thought out!

  45. Great article man. I agree with most of it for sure. I have always had a problem with the guy who thought being a police officer would be cool. Those are the guys you need to look out for. They get off on the riot gear and guns. The people who want to actually serve and protect are the good guys to keep around. Same thing happened when I was in the Navy. People that thought being a SEAL would be cool never got in. it was always the guy who was a quiet bad ass and felt that going into the elite service was a calling. Thanks again for the post. Glad I found it.

  46. Nothing more enjoyable to read than pure unadulterated strait talk.

    My favorite part “It allows people to avoid asking the tough questions about a ghetto black American culture that is anti-education, anti-intellectual, violent, overwhelmed with bastardy, self-loathing, and suicidal.” So true. Everybody, and I mean everybody, is tip toeing around those simple yet profound facts.

  47. Wow, extremely well written article, expected more mindless regurgitation of political propaganda (as I happened across it on FB).

    It is refreshing to read an opinion piece crafted with fact and passion.

    Not mentioning the Reagan administration in the “War on drugs” and solely blaming the progressives was my only complaint.

    But, even though I don’t completely agree with you, I do completely respect your point view.

    Thanks for the really good read!

    • Appreciate the response. The Founding Fathers beat each other over their heads mercilessly, but still managed to gift us this wonderful country. I hope we can recapture their spirit someday. Thanks for stopping by.

  48. Hey Ivy Mike,

    I ran across your site from Kennys Place(wirecutter). Love the post.
    I am convinced that certain groups are intentionally heating things up for their own agenda.
    I will add you to my blogroll


    A.K.A “MrG”

  49. Good and challenging read. I agreed with some and was offended by some. I especially liked the points on tolerance. Thanks for sharing.

  50. I would be stupid if I did not reflect on this and also admit how accurate much of this seems. I do say that I need to read up on what constitutes Marxism, but learning a bit more has never hurt me.

  51. Let me get this right…because he was ghetto as you put it, a criminal, etc. etc…etc… yet unarmed; he deserved to be gun downed like a hunted animal???? Do any of you not remember countless situations in AMERICA where the suspect/criminal had murdered people/children etc and our “police” brought them in without even a single shot being fired, though they were armed!! You guys are exactly why this shit happens, truly disgusting.

    • Yes, I remember that. Very exciting. The crazed criminal, the stalwart police, the intense but quirky detective who deduces the location of the suspect from a single thread of carpet fiber. Then it went to commercial.

      You’re watching too much TV.

  52. Heh.
    Mike, that is some righteous shit right there.

    Had to read your sublime essay a few times because the truth is always worth getting right.

    Beautiful, just doesn’t get any better than that brother, thanks.

      • What you wrote only gets better with each read. I keep coming back to it. Have to, the way you put it all is beautiful and fulfilling.
        The truth of things is funny that way, its like being in love, you just know it balls to bones.
        I think what you wrote is good in another way too, particularly as you state things, it helps others understand the truth of things, I think it is because you wrote it genuine like from the heart. And if for no other reason it lends your words credence.

  53. It’s like you jumped into my head, wrote down what I was thinking, and communicated it better than I ever could. Every single section, line, and idea that you aired out here, I agree with 100%. Superb.

  54. I agree with you on cops in the US need to demilitarize.

    However …

    Black “Ghettos” in the US are the direct result of slavery and the social inequalities of Jim Crow laws that continued into the late 60’s. To put things in perspective, that is two 74 year old grandmothers ago (149 years since the end of slavery). Why is so difficult to understand the implications of people in poverty and the effect this has on ANY society? For a country as great as the United States, oppressing an ENTIRE race of people for 350 years is an ugly past and a jagged pill to swallow, I get it. I only ask because the conclusions you make about the black community seem very unintelligent and uninformed? And for someone who obviously cares about their country and takes the time to write such a long opinion piece and obviously has a readership, it only seems reasonable you would use facts to back up your statements.

    Anyway … I doubt you will post my comment.

    Let’s see if you do:)


    • Sir – the conclusions made about the ‘black community’ are never accurate and the reason is that there are three black communities: the middle class folks with whom most of us work everyday, the sort of artificial middle class folks who ‘work’ for the govt; and the ferals, against whom many of us are armed every day, and who do a vastly disproportionate amount of the violent crime in this country.

      I feel exactly NO sympathy for the latter, and my sympathy for the former is lessening as they seem to automatically whine about racism almost as much as the ferals. It is tiresome.

      As one of the taxpayers (suckers) who paid the 5-7 trillion bucks that the demoPublicans said would solve poverty I get really annoyed with folks saying I care nothing for the poor. That’s over now. I’m broke buddy. I’m out of money to give your family and scrambling for money to pay for my own.

      Black people in America were doing just fine until they foolishly accepted money from the government. Now there is a whole ‘poverty’ culture. I’m sick of it.
      Call me a racist? I could give a shit. Blacks in the Feral Zones will either clean up their act (which I doubt) and the Govt swine will call off the drug war (unlikely) or we shall have chaos in this country.

      It is quite that simple.

    • McLean,

      Thanks for your post. I can appreciate where you are coming from – to a point. There are no excuses or justifications to be made about the failure of our country to live to its ideals in the years of slavery and Jim Crow. The idea that any person – or any state or government – can own people is repugnant and must be resisted with every means available, now and forever.

      To that end, my issue with ghetto black Americans is an issue with a subset of black America. Ghetto black Americans are not all of black America any more than trailer-park, meth-dealing, white Americans are all of white America. The lionization of ghetto black American culture by the media, entertainment, academia, and the left/progressive political establishments is the lionization of self-loathing and suicide. It is the celebration of the destruction of the black family unit and enslavement of the leftovers to a totalitarian state.

      Ghetto black Americans are property of the democrat party and its core constituencies. They are raised on a steady diet of grievance, envy, anger, and hopelessness so that they can stay mired in ignorance and dependent on their owners and overseers in the left/progressive axis. They are taught foolish things, like wealth being a fixed entity that is only acquired through chicanery and that it must be redistributed by force through the benevolent overseers in the central state. They are told they will never succeed in this country because of the legacy you mention. They are taught to dwell in the past. They are taught that their lives can only get better as long as they keep voting the way that they have been told to by the benevolent overseers.

      The pathological focus on the past by academia, the media, and the left/progressive political axis is denying the kids in ghetto black America a fighting chance to succeed in today’s world. Sure, it’s good to know where you come from and your history, but there’s too much focus on that. There are only so many slots in government and corporate America for diversity commissars with black/gender/women/trans studies degrees. In the meantime, water must be purified and flow to faucets, computers must be programmed, roads must be repaired, bridges must be built, houses must have electricity, businesses need their books kept, trucks full of goods must be driven and maintained, crops must be grown and harvested, ships need to be built, marketing plans need to be developed, patients need care, well…you get the idea. The boring stuff of keeping a civil society functioning needs to go on. Black Americans are vital to that happening – and acquiring the skills and education to have a trade or profession that enables those things does not make one “white, an Oreo, an Uncle Tom, a sellout,” or any other slur I have heard hurled by ghetto black Americans – and white liberals, at black Americans who do those things. Getting skilled and educated doesn’t mean you have to stop being black. You can know who you are, where you came from, and be a construction project manager skilled at math, communication, and logistics. These things are not mutually exclusive.

      The other thing I find repellent about ghetto black American culture and their overseers is their disdain for black Americans who do not share their politics, but have accomplished impressive things. I am not a member of any political party because they are all rotten and loyal to the republic secondarily or thirdly to the party and their constituencies. However, the vitriol aimed at people like Supreme Court Justice Thomas, Secretary Rice, Secretary Powell and others is disgraceful. Calling them “house niggers” and other such slurs is disgusting. They may not agree with you, or you with them, but they deserve some acknowledgement for their successes. I don’t agree with Russell Simmons’ politics, but damn if the man hasn’t done some amazing things with his rise from Def Jam records to where he is today. I don’t agree with Bill Clinton on pretty much anything, but the fact that he was ambitious and smart enough to go from backwoods Arkansas to the US Presidency, to global oligarch is impressive to say the least. What the overseers and their jock-hangers fear about a transition of ghetto black Americans to black Americans to just Americans, is that the people they keep ignorant will ultimately realize they are the property of a political party and its cronies, and will walk off the plantation to their freedom one day.

      The frightening correlation of federal intrusion into the black family through the War on Poverty and the rise in black illegitimacy is the key metric of what progressive policies do to a people. Progressives so perfected the destruction of the black family and enslavement of ghetto black America, they are now rolling it out to hispanics and whites. The rise in bastardy in these two other groups is the proof. Curiously, the lowest bastardy rate is in Asian America, where the family unit is still very strong and educational achievement is very high. Correlation is not causation, but it sure is damned curious.

      Sure, I’ll give you that the original piece is my opinion. It’s that plus what I have seen with my own eyes in my life.

      To those that want to focus on the past, dwell in it like a mammoth in a tarpit, rock a Dashiki, raise your fist and blame whitey for everything while pocketing federal funds as payment for obedience to the left/progressive overseers, knock yourself out. My money is on the black dude that grinds it out through school learning all the basic, boring, but critical stuff that enables him to start a business, have a real skill/profession that the world needs, get married, manage a household budget, raise some kids, and own himself and his world. He is no less black than Mr. Dashiki, but learned about the past, acknowledged that it sucked, drove the fuck on, and made something of himself, showing that there are many more avenues to success other than rapping, basketball, or blind obedience to the left/progressive political axis.

      Again, thanks for your reply.

      • Howdy again,

        I think You give liberal politicians way too much credit? Have you spent a week or more in a low socio economic, black community? Hopelessness comes from living in relative poverty and all the social issues that develope and thrive in these communities as a direct result of that poverty. Slavery is just a reminder of where it all started, hopelessness is not because politicians are telling these communities they have no chance of succeeding because of their history. It’s way more real than that.

        You’d be surpised though, people in these communities do want to succeed and have the opportunity to be able to work and provide for thier famalies. The problem lies in the absolutely appalling education and schooling systems in these communities starting at grade school, all the way to high school. How about spending less money on building prisons to house petty crime/ non violent inmates and more money on education and building better schools? What does it cost tax payers now per inmate a year, 50K? We have 6.9 million people in jail or on porole in this country. You do the math.

        How can you be expected to better yourself in this type of situation? Think about it, we are in need of skilled Labour in the US as you mentioned, why not give those people the resources in the form of just basic education(not even top grade status), so they can help themselves and society as a whole?

        The Oreo thing is a little old school and it did exist at one time in black culture, but not really anymore, especially in light of a black president. That’s why I asked if you had spent time lately in a lower socio economic black community, that train of thought seems a little out of touch.

        I like you want to put your money where your mouth is. If you’re willing to put your money on that “black dude” that wants to “work hard” he needs to have access to better education and schools in the community he lives in, so vote for that. But that should go for any low socio economic community in this country, black, brown, white … whatever. Our country would benefit so much more.

        So I encourage you not to look at the acute behavior or nature of a disenfranchised community, but rather the bigger picture, the deeper issues and perhaps take a step further on thinking about how we could solve for these things as citizens, together, living in this great nation.


        • Isn’t it so much better and more efficient to cite one single, on-target cause then several “causes” that, while true, miss the mark?

          • I agree with you on cops in the US need to demilitarize.

            However …

            Black “Ghettos” in the US are the direct result of slavery and the social inequalities of Jim Crow laws that continued into the late 60’s. To put things in perspective, that is two 74 year old grandmothers ago (149 years since the end of slavery). Why is so difficult to understand the implications of people in poverty and the effect this has on ANY society? For a country as great as the United States, oppressing an ENTIRE race of people for 350 years is an ugly past and a jagged pill to swallow, I get it. I only ask because the conclusions you make about the black community seem very unintelligent and uninformed? And for someone who obviously cares about their country and takes the time to write such a long opinion piece and obviously has a readership, it only seems reasonable you would use facts to back up your statements.

            Anyway … I doubt you will post my comment.

            Let’s see if you do:)


            @ Daniel … how does any of the above miss the mark? Perhaps you should read it again and or familiarize yourself with some of those facts? Furthermore ask yourself why a large percentage of African Americans started on welfare? Hint: It has something to do with the jagged pill I mentioned. And what does welfare have to do with spending more money on schools and education?

            Look for solutions not just the problems!

          • Slight problem – which race are you talking about?

            Ever hear of “indentured servitude”? Just a fancy name for slavery. Many WHITES came to this country as indentured servants – white slaves – several of my own ancestors included.

            The Irish (whites) were considered even less human than black slaves.

            How about ASIANS? Out west, Asians were the preferred slaves. Out West, Asians provided much of the labor laying railroad tracks and in the mines.

            Did you know the first black slave was owned by a BLACK man?

            Did you know the black slaves from Africa were sold by BLACK tribes to the slavers , and shipped to the North? The Yankees then sold them to the southerners.

            Blacks haven’t been the only race subject to slavery in this nation.

  55. Pretty good delivery, although a bit tad on the tame side.

    I hope you will expand on your recommendations after further thought and reflection.

  56. If pressed, I could argue a few minor points, but, really, that would be like telling the guy who just dragged you out of your burning car that you don’t like his haircut. Much of what you say has been said before, but rarely so well. Something that hasn’t often been said: “. . .every law that has the genesis of an emotional parent saying ‘I just want to make sure this never happens to another parent again,’ is an invitation to The Man into your life . . .” This is one of the worst shit-for-brains excuses for despotism, and it’s good to see someone calling it out.

    A question: Who is that in the lead graphic? Bloomberg? [spit . . .]

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  58. Brilliant. I’m going to make copies of this and leave it laying around town in places for other people to read. Will include your web address on it, so you get full credit for your brilliance. Hope you don’t mind that I do this.

  59. There was once a saying (that I still say, and hear from time to time):

    “I may not like what you’re saying, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it.”

    Pretty much sums it up.

    I will, however, call BS on just one statement – “Carolina BBQ is the best”. Nope. Dead wrong. TEXAS BBQ. (If in doubt, go to Midland, TX, and ask any local for directions to Johnny’s BBQ. Same recipe as they used in the 1930s. Best BBQ in the state that has the best BBQ!!)

    Otherwise, GREAT ARTICLE!! It is getting forwarded to my circle, which is getting quite large.

    • Well, Pilgrim, normally, those would be fightin’ words, but in account of me feeling charitable, I’ll give you Texas boys the edge on beef BBQ. Darn good stuff, sir.

      We Carolinians OWN The Pig. Won’t back down, neither.

      Thanks for reading. :)

  60. I am posting a comment so I can click the “Notify me of new posts by email” checkbox, since there does not appear to be a way to “subscribe”. Great commentary. I like your perspectives.

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