Friday fight Ebola music for 10/17/2014

A little dark music for our dark mistress, Ebola-Chan.

The Misfits, Death Comes Ripping.


Turn the lights down low
And bolt the door up
Future is coming
Future rising up
Shotgun blast, a demon piece of lead
With both eyes open
I wait up for the kill
Feel the evil
Feel the heat as I blast you open
Death comes ripping
And it’s going, death comes ripping
You feel the heat as death comes ripping
Rip your back out
And death comes ripping out
Flesh and blood
Too weak for you
Turning it over
A little too late to penetrate
Death comes ripping
And it’s going, death comes ripping
You feel the heat as death comes ripping
Rip your back out
Death comes ripping
And it’s going, death comes ripping
You feel the heat as death comes ripping
Rip your back out
Death comes ripping
And I know that death comes ripping out
Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa



Francis Bacon: Three studies for figures at the base of a crucifixion


noun \sī-ˈkō-səs\

: a very serious mental illness that makes you behave strangely or believe things that are not true

That’s how Merriam Webster defines it, and we see it on a collective scale in the words and actions of our overlords in the Imperial Capital of the District of Columbia.

“The Islamic State is not Islamic.”

“No boots on the ground.”

“Stock market performance shows a strong economy.”

“Unemployment is low.”

“It’s hard to be infected by Ebola.”

“The border is secure.”

As they are wont to do, the mouthpieces and apparatchiks within the DC bubble are working overtime to get us to not believe our lying eyes.

Apparently, this is not Islamic. Maybe Peloponnesian?

Muslim madmen are slaughtering their way across the Levant in a war of annihilation using tactics not seen for a millennium, yet we are told time and again that they have nothing to do with the delusional ideology getting pumped out of Mecca and Medina by “our friends” the Saudis and their cohorts in the Arabian peninsula, Pakistan, and resurgent Islamist Turkey. Our feckless – or complicit – leaders have knotted ourselves up in the regional Sunni / Shia, millennium-old rivalry between the most duplicitous nations and peoples on the planet, and now we are asking more Americans to shed their blood and risk ending up as the protagonists in an orange jumpsuit in an Islamic snuff film while the sons and daughters of said nations either sit it out or take up arms against us. The lingering ISIS/ISIL threats to attack “The Homeland” will be used as justification for more surveillance and police state tactics on US citizens the government doesn’t like while the porous borders keep flowing unabated infected illiterates from the Third World, Ebola-infected jihadis, and / or jihadi hit teams that have come to pull a Chechen-style shoot ‘em up in a mall or school in Smalltown, USA. In another time and place, one might call our government’s immigration policy “ethnic cleansing,” or at least “surrender,” but that would be considered rude today.

The corporate ZIRP parade of borrowing money for nothing, buying back stocks, and trading at hyper prices at hypo volumes will continue until it can’t or the Masters of the Universe decide it’s time to take away the crack pipe. Boomers are at the point where they have to start withdrawing from their 401k accounts, and the beast will need fresh tribute from the student loan debt-addled, underemployed millennials to keep buying at the highest highs in history to help keep it afloat a little while longer. The mighty institutional investors are working to get the individual retail muppets to buy at the high so they can head for the exists before the music stops, leaving Joe and Jane Bagodonuts holding a 401k that’s worth half of what it was before. Enough of us muppets have seen this movie before, and we’re not playing along the way the Wall Street expected us to. There is some hope.

Patient Zero and his stricken nurse are the focus of the media coverage as a hemorrhagic virus we are told in one breath is tough to catch, and then in another, is highly contagious and spreading in ways that our vaunted apparatchiks are not really sure of other than by “protocol violation.” While the mouthpieces focus on Patient Zero and Patient One, the rest of us want to know about the people and places they visited while infected. How many others were exposed? Biology runs on exponential growth, and when you have infected persons in densely-populated areas, you can get from 1 patient to 512 in 63 days if the number of infected people doubles every seven days.


If you want to scare yourself silly, check out the Raconteur Report for a cold slap in the face with the frozen trout of reality. He’s been on this like a tick on a hound for a while and explores not only the medical side of this threat, but the financial impact and readiness of the country’s medical system to handle it. It is the arrogance, malfeasance, and / or incompetence of the apparatchiks that lets them think we can continue to have open everything and control a biological crisis. Infection control is brutally simple and requires black and white, adult decision making. Quarantine. Stop movement. Let it burn out. Tragic? Yes, but if you swore a duty to protect the country, it’s adult decision time. If there are people who’s hearts are so big that they want to go directly to the hot zone to help, by all means, let them, but their return home has to be tightly controlled at every step. There will be more Thomas Duncans, and when you leave the welcome mat out and the lights on, they’re going to stampede through the door.

The zeitgeist we are swirling in demands cold, hard decision making coupled with brutal honesty. Neither of which is forthcoming from the angry marxist college professor-in-chief and his army of racial and gender studies ideologues that are dominant in the executive branch of the national government. If you are part of that government, you’d might start to wonder if you are doing anything of value when you have to lie with every breath you take about everything you do to everyone, except to your fellow apparatchiks inside the bubble.


Fear not, these guys are in charge.

While the apparatchiks may think that the rest of the country is too stupid to understand, it is they who look stupid, detached from reality, and quite frankly, psychotic. Invented crises like; “climate disruption,” a transgendered military, wife beating in the NFL, white privilege, micro-aggression, the ongoing oppression of the leftist white woman in academia and corporate America, are all signs of a society that is ignoring the very real, very hard, and very deadly realities that are pressing down on the nation.

This is how you bend your foes to your will. Checkmate, Sun Tzu.

Life continues in the bubble, where the apparatchiks master useless #HashtagGovernance in the vacuous deadspace of social media, where ADD-addled, id-driven, narcissism rules, and the number of “likes” and retweets of the progressive outrage / rah-rah phrase-of-the-day are substitutes for effective action. Swarms of administrative law commissars crawl the country sniffing out any violation of the most ridiculous regulations by the smallest entity so they can be extorted into ideological compliance with the thinkers in the bubble. Statistics are created and corrupted to fit a narrative that stands reality on its head, and the gullible populace is expected to swallow it.

In the real world, smart people are believing less and less of what is pumped at them, and they are preparing for hard times ahead. Maslow’s hierarchy is getting a hard review, and the realization that many people may be struggling to meet the base needs in the near future is bearing down like a mach five passenger train teeming with Ebola zombies into a commuter-packed Grand Central Station.

Those inside the bubble will pick lint out of their navels until they are consumed by the realities they have ignored. The time to get local, get connected, and get resilient is now.

One-half cup of bleach per one gallon of water

That’s the disinfectant formula, you know.

Little Miss Ebola-Chan advises…

Gonna ride the CLX Ebola wave, bitchez.


Don’t forget your sprayer, too.

The airports are open. The border is secure. There is nothing to fear.